Auto Biography Rich Leather

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Product Description

Rich Leather is a unisex perfume by Auto biography. The scent was launched in 2018 AND the fragrance was created by perfumer Paris Corner. Rich Leather (Auto Biography) is a new perfume for men AND women of 2018. Belongs to the family of leather fragrance groups. The bouquet is not simple, interesting AND multifaceted; it will give a feeling of joy AND freedom. It can emphasize the unusual AND original character of its owner. The image will seem bold AND open. Rich Leather is perfect for both every day AND special occasions. It is completely original, original AND has high durability. It has no age category; it is suitable for everyone who loves AND respects rare leather aromas. Also, for connoisseurs AND connoisseurs of niche perfumes, The composition of Rich Leather harmoniously combines notes of green mate, cannabis, leather, tobacco AND agarwood.

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