Arm And Hammer Extra Fresh Mouth Wash

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Product Description

3 in 1 Fresh MOUTH WASH Wash from Arm AND Hammer is the ideal protection for your teeth in addition to regular brushing
Extra fresh daily MOUTH WASH contains an antibacterial agent that is clinically proven to help stop the buildup of plaque with regular brushing. While active fresheners work to help neutralize odors for long-lasting freshness, the fluoride helps to protect teeth from enamel erosion AND decay.
For best results use daily AND brush with your regular TOOTH PASTE to make your teeth look clean AND clearer.
Arm AND Hammer MOUTH WASH Extra Fresh is made with a special 3-in-1 formula
Long-lasting extra fresh breath
Protection of food attack
Strengthens the natural glaze
For optimum results, use twice daily after brushing with Arm AND Hammer TOOTH PASTE. Rinse thoroughly around teeth AND gums for about 30 seconds, gargle AND spit it out. Do not swallow